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There was something that just didn’t feel right during the Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testimony. Perhaps it was the overly-prepared written statement that seemed to go out of its way to hit all the touch points commonly associated with textbook traumatic experience. The pseudo-legal mechanical accounting of the allegation felt contrived.

Maybe it was the melodramatic reading of the statement that made it all sound like a cheap summer beach novel. It wasn’t that the performance was clearly rehearsed. Of course it was, who doesn’t practice a speech? But it came across as telltale manipulation. Distinctly disingenuous.

Or maybe it was all the excruciating details surrounding her alleged torment, and yet queries regarding other details of the night in question elicited bumbling blank stares. Is that how emotional trauma works?

Finally, there were what can only be described as halting shifts in her personality. Shy little girl one moment, strong and defiant woman the next, followed by full-on zombie.

At odd moments throughout, Dr. Ford gulped air like a goldfish that jumped the bowl. God only knows how traumatic it would be for anyone to be under a spotlight of this magnitude, but the woman seemed possessed.

Like MK Ultra possessed.

And then, just when you thought this political circus couldn’t get any more bizarre.

There’s apparently much more to Dr. Ford’s past than was revealed in front of the Senate microphone. Some extremely disturbing details are emerging from accessible open-source material, although it’s quickly being scrubbed.

If true, it is absolutely mind blowing, even to those who had immediately smelled a set-up. What’s truly striking in this report is that it begins to resemble the deep state machination of the corrupt marathon Mueller-Russia probe.

Like the hapless goldfish, the longer it lays around exposed to sunlight, the more it starts to stink.

From the Millennium Report, 28 September 2018, original article by Paul Revere.

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